Why should I get certified in CPR? How does CPR save death? What is the value of CPR instruction?
All of these are excellent questions that Americans should be asking themselves, and you may already be asking them. First responders with practical expertise in these kinds of scenarios teach our high-quality, professional training at DMV Healthcare training . As summer draws near, it is crucial to be certified.

These are the top 5 reasons to become CPR certified:

1. Self-assurance and inner peace
Being aware of your capacity to maintain life until help arrives is a strong thing. Give yourself the assurance and relief that you can assist in a crisis.

2. Be unique
There aren’t enough qualified people available who are ready for an emergency. Only 15–30% of persons who suffer from sudden cardiac arrest receive bystander CPR, mostly because many claim they never received training. A few fractured ribs from conducting CPR correctly, but saving a life is more essential than having someone who is unsure of their skills hurt the person who is already unconscious and has no chance of surviving.

3. The ability to save lives Another
The ability to save lives Another  It has been demonstrated to be equally effective in treating sudden cardiac arrest in adults.

4. Obtain respect
Getting certified in one course might increase your peers’ respect for you and their confidence in you. You make friends who are dependable, responsible, and you might even inspire others to pursue certification.

5. Proper Preparation
More than 85% of cardiac arrests take place at home. Significant others, friends, and even kids can save lives.